Last week review 45-2017

Last week review 45-2017 and this week the weather is getting you down, all cold and moist 😉

Last week review 45-2017After the new software releases in the past weeks this week we had a pratical topic again talking about which filters are available digital photography and which filters are needed for your equipment. If you handle your lenses with care you don’t a protection filter even though such a protection filter might not be able to save the surface of a lens in case of a drop down.

In my opinion every camera bag should contain a polarizing filter and two neutral density filters, which lengthen the exposure time by a factor of 64x or even 1000x. I used to have a graduated filter but i don’t use it any more, because it darkens parts of the image which should be darkened, and for high contrast scenes i either use HDR or exposure blending.

Wochenrückblick 45-2017If you personally prefer screw-in filters or filters for a filter-holder like from Lee is up to you. If you use a graduaded filter you should prefer filters for a filter system. In my every day practice i’m happy with the 3 filters mentioned above, but because of handling i got myself another filter holder. I’ll report on my my experiences later on.


Wochenrückblick 45-2017To complete the enoumerous of softwware releases with 2018 as a version number this week Luminar 2018 was announced. Just like Aurora HDR 2018 from the same company the software is available for Windows operating systems for the first time. Or better the software will be available at 16th november and at the moment you can pre-order the software for a reduced price. In some blog post the software is titled as a Lightroom alternative or even as a Lightroom challanger. Later in teh year 2018 the software will be completed by a DAM modul according to the press release. This would combine image management and RAW converter/image processing in one software. I’m just testing the software a little and by next week i can tell you if it makes sense to pre-order the software. .

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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