Upgrade Desktop PC I

I had already reported , that the parts ordered for my desktop upgrade already got to me, and I start to be made to the hardware change and install Windows 7 .

My old Gigabyte board with the i5 -760 CPU was now almost 3 years old, and especially in the processing of large panoramas or even more so when processing video that the PC came lately more and more the desire for a system that could be faster 😉

Upgrade Desktop PC II have decided for the Haswell Xeon E3 1230 V3 , which is like its predecessor for the Ivy system reported , just to bring the power of an i7- 3770 , but to be cheaper , including because in contrast to an i7 CPU, the graphics unit is missing.

I want to overclock and not on the graphics unit I can do without , because I have a graphics card , including because an Adobe After Effects does not start with the built-in graphics card.

The selection of Haswell variant was also affected by the fact that the Ivy Bridge motherboards mostly only have 2 Sata II ports and some have problems with USB3 , since I use external USB3 harddrives for backup .

The motherboard I decided to get an Asrock H87 Pro 4 , which to me vis ery solid board. To increase it anticipated , I have rarely seen such a quick and easily installable motherboard like this. But was also crucial , which is the Xeon processor according to the manufacturer also supported.

After hardware replacement came the first boot , and of course UEFI is once unusual, but it rocks 😉 . After the initial installation of Windows 7 (well after 200 or so updates , takes a while ) only USB and Ethernet interface were undetected. With the board enclosed driver CD that was quickly resolved (and this is not self-evident )

The 16 GB RAM I took over from my old board and that was the basic system . The rest stayed that way the operating system is installed on a HDD, the SSD merely serves as a cache for Adobe products and the Lightroom catalog .

A few tests on the speed will show the upgrade effect:

i5-760Xeon E3 1230 v3
LI CPU7,37,7
LI RAM7,57,7
Zip11:13 min6:43 min

For the test I zipped 400 CR2 and the matching XMP files with the strongest compression zipped.

The value for the creation of zip files has only an increase by a factor of 1.66 , but here the processor cores are not utilized properly. Nevertheless, based on these values looks as if I had I made the right decision . Now the installation of Lightroom and Adobe Creative Suite remains and then determine how the upgrade speed up when exporting jpegs from Lightroom or rendering proposes a video.

Only in the activation of Windows 7 , I had problems 😉 I had not thought that I had used this serial number for the upgrade to Windows 8 😉

So that was the first experience of upgrading, now it is considering installing Adobe CS6 and Lightroom (well actually it ‘s about the system completely set up again ;-)) , but I will report that on the 2nd part .

I hope you liked the article a little bit. Add your comments about your experiences with upgradeing desktop pc. Suggestions and questions are welcome too

ciao tuxoche

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