Smallrig quick release system Hawklock

As is well known, Smallrig produces various accessories for videographers, especially cages for the various camera systems, but other products such as tripods etc. are also in the portfolio.


Smallrig Hawklock ein feines Befestigungssystem

I got to know Smallrig when I was looking for mounting options for the external monitor and a microphone for my Lumix G81. This problem was solved with the Smallrig cage, which fitted the Lumix G81 perfectly.

I am now looking for a quick-release system for small accessories, such as a microphone or external monitor or an additional light, with which these parts can be attached quickly and easily and, above all, securely to a (lamp) tripod. At times I have already tried using relatively small quick-release plates that are Arca Swiss compatible. But the matching bases are relatively large.

I finally found what I was looking for with the Smallrig Hawklock system.

The unit

Smallrig sells the quick-release plate together with a base. However, the small quick-release plate is also available separately. Unfortunately, this system is not cheap at around €25.

Smallrig quick release system Hawklock

The lever, which you can see here, is used for locking and then really holds tight. You could even attach a camera with it, except that the base plate would be a bit small.

Endless mounting options

With such a system you can then very quickly attach the microphone to the microphone stand, for example.

Smallrig quick release system Hawklock

Or a Falcon F7 RGB light can be placed just as quickly and, above all, securely on a tripod

Smallrig quick release system Hawklock

Smallrig quick release system Hawklock

My unit also had 2 locking pins in the quick-release plate, which are used, among other things, to secure an external monitor against twisting. Of course, you have to unscrew these pins for other objects such as a microphone or RGB light so that you can attach the plate. However, the Allen key required for this is not included. An Allen key for fastening the actual plate is included in the package.

There is also a monitor mount of this system, for example, which costs just under €60, while the regular one without the Hawklock system is available for less than €30. These are high-quality products, but they come at a price.


The Smallrig Hawklock system is very suitable for quickly attaching various accessories to different stands or cages. It is a similar system from Glanz, but in a comparable price range. So I’m going to bite the bullet and get a few more of these quick release systems over time.

ciao tuxoche


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