Last week 09-2024

Weekly review 09-2024 and slowly you can tell that spring is on its way because of the temperatures and the fact that it’s light for longer 🙂

Last week 09-2024

This week was once again about expanding my home network, which I have taken to a new level with the OPNSense firewall. Now it was time for the second important component, a stand-alone DSL modem with the Draytek Vigor 167, so that the Firtzbox 7590 is really only responsible for the WLAN and I can then separate it.

In principle, the Draytek Video 167 requires no configuration, at least for the major providers, if you use it as a modem. All you have to do is enter the dial-in data in the OPNSEsne for PPOe and the Draytek should “dial in”. You will notice that a different IP address should appear on the WAN port of the firewall, especially one that is not from the private or reserved area.

Last week 09-2024

Since the Draytek is connected directly to the Internet, you should go to the user interface and at least change the password. There you can set the Draytek to operate as a router if absolutely necessary. However, you should then get a switch, because the Draytek only has 2x 1GBit connections.

In this configuration, the Draytek has been running for more than 2 months without any problems.

Last week 09-2024

Luminar NEO has been around for 2 years now and there are now a total of 8 expansions for various tasks. Skylum has extended the July promotion, which originally only ran until February 26th, until March 4th, 2024, so that you can purchase Luminar NEO at a discount. So you can get the 1 year subscription for 59,– € instead of 79,– € and it will be interesting again. And if you use the following code AFF-y2DY, you get 20% on top 🙂

Crucial has introduced a new SSD that can probably read 14.5 GB/second and write more than 12 GB. These are truly new records, but we are slowly getting into areas where you ask yourself what the point is. Because whether I wait 2 seconds or 1 second for a file, what’s the difference?

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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