Windows 10 November update

The Wndows 10 november update is rolled out little by little since november 13th abd is the first major update for Microsofts new operating system.

Windows 10 November updateOn my laptop running Windows 10 the november update was downloaded and installed last sunday. The new version 15011 Build 10586 called “Threshold” is automatically downloaded as soon as it is available.

The size of the update is arround 3GB so it sure is a little bit more than a regular update 😉 According to an article it could last up to 31 days before the update is available to your installation. If you decided to update to Windows 10 from an earlier Windows version the update to version 15011 is offered to you after a preiod of 31 days. According to Microsoft this should ensure that the users has the opportunity to go back to a prior version of Windows after installing Windows 10. As a converse argument this means that after installing the version 15011 update you’ll loose the opportunity to go back to Windows 8 or even version 7.

This is not a topic for me since my Laptop, where i installed Windows 10 isrunning without any problems and the most important programs like [post id=1099]Photoshop,Lightroom[/post] or PTGui run smoothly on the new Windows version. This is why i’m considering installing Windows 10 on my desktop pc too.

As mentioned above the size of the update is about 3 GB and the time you’ll need to install the update is almost the same like upgrading from Window 8/8.1 to Windows 10. The update is installed without the need for user actions.

Windows 10 November updateAfter the update to version 15011 is installed you probably notice nothing changed on the desktop, only the mini apps from 8gadgets are deleted by the update. But 8gadgets initiates a repair installation and after that the mini-apps are back on the desktop again.

The only thing you’ll probably notice is that system start of the operating system is improved, according to a couple articles on the net this startup should speed up by 30% which should be the right value.

The other improvements deal with improvements for buissiness installation, i.e. setting up your own app-store. Microsoft Edge now can synch articles and links between different devices, if you own a Windows smartphone and Cortona recognizes hand writing.

All in all a update without any problems and you’ll a faster starting Windows 10 and it seems that the Edge browser got faster too.

What do you think about this major update to Windows 10, did you allready install it or isn’t it available for you? Just let me know in the comments.

ciao tuxoche


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