Last week review 16-2024

Week in review 16-2024 and at the moment we have April weather in the truest sense of the word, quite cold and wet ­čÖü

Last week review 16-2024

This week was all about the upgrade of Openmediavault and the Proxmox Backup Server. I’m running this on the Openmediavault NAS, as you can install the PBS very easily on Openmediavault, as both are based on the current Debian distribution.

But I was still running Openmediavault 6 and the Proxmox Backup Server in a 2 version. And because it’s a production system, it’s difficult to upgrade here, as the saying goes “never change a running system”. But after some testing I did it and I was surprised how easy it was in principle.

The only problem I encountered when upgrading the Openmediavault parts was that the Proxmox repository was not (yet) signed. I deactivated it first and then carried out the upgrade. All settings were retained and, above all, there was no problem with the ZFS pool. After that, upgrading the Proxmox Backup Server was also no problem. Here, too, all the settings were still available and I was able to back up both my servers without any problems and in one case I was also able to download a backup of a virtual machine.

Last week review 16-2024

Last week review 16-2024

Then 7Artisans introduced a manual shift lens for APS-C and mFT cameras. At just under $220, the 50mm/1.4 Shift is quite reasonably priced, but at 50mm on APS-C or mFt, it has quite a long focal length, which you might need for table-tops. For the average user, of course, a wide-angle lens with less than 35mm in relation to full-frame would have been better.

A lens with a focal length of less than 24mm in relation to full-frame format would certainly have been preferable, as shift makes sense in architectural photography, for example.

Last week review 16-2024Black Magic Design presented some video cameras at the NAB, which at 6K and 12 K certainly play a subordinate role in the amateur sector. However, the company also presented Da Vinci Resolve version 19, which comes with many changes and enhancements, especially in the audio area. Unfortunately, the beta, which some people are probably already using, cannot be installed in parallel with the regular version 18.6, in which case I would take a look at it. In addition, the projects will probably be converted to version 19. Since I store them in a PostGreSQL database and you can’t go back, I will probably have to wait until the final version arrives.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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