Last weke review 50-2023

Weekly review 50-2023 and we look back on the 3rd Advent and a week, but also a year that had a lot to offer 😉

Last weke review 50-2023

This week was once again about a new extension for Luminar NEO. This time it was about the new GenExpand extension. This extension should ensure that you can expand images using AI so that the expanded areas blend seamlessly into the original image. Basically, the operation of this extension is practically identical to the GeneEase extension, which has already been presented in a video.

This means that there are now 3 extensions, namely GenSwap, GenErase and now GenExpand. If this looks familiar to you from Photoshop CC, yes, the functions are the same.

Basically, the extension works quite well in most cases. However, there is also light and shade.

Last weke review 50-2023

In principle, this allows you to “create” images free from the constraints of normal aspect ratios. Nevertheless, there are 2 problem areas. On the one hand, for example, the transition from the original image to the artificially created part of the image is sometimes quite clear, as you can see here.

Last weke review 50-2023

On the other hand, the resolution of the artificially created parts of the image appears to be considerably lower, so that the differences can be clearly recognized. Here, as in Photoshop CC, it is probably advisable to expand an image in several steps.

At the moment it’s a nice gimmick, but I don’t think it’s possible to create really professional-looking extensions at the moment. Skylum still needs to improve and optimize here. Nevertheless, Luminar is currently on sale at a particularly good price during the Christmas sales, and it doesn’t just consist of GenExpand.

Speaking of such extensions. This week there was also an update for Photoshop, namely for the iPad, which also has such a function, but on the tablet.

As you can see here, the functionality is practically the same, except that you can tilt/rotate the image on the iPad as part of the extension. The results are impressive for editing on a tablet.

Last weke review 50-2023


In principle, however, this Photoshop CC version has the same problems as GenExpand from Luminar NEO. There are differences in brightness and color to the generated image parts and the resolution is also lower, although the transitions seem a little more successful to me.

And to round things off, so to speak, there was also a new version of Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera RAW.

Last weke review 50-2023


However, no new functions have been implemented here, only bug fixes and support for additional lenses and cameras.

It was another very interesting week. As Christmas is coming up next week, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my readers and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will take the opportunity to rest a little, spend time with my family and grandchild and then see you again from 09.01.2024.

ciao tuxoche


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