Last week review 49-2023

Weekly review 49-2023 and Christmas is approaching, but there will probably be no snow for Christmas ­čÖü

Last week review 49-2023

This week was about my experiences with a 2.5 GBit network, after I already published my experiences with 10GBit. 2.5 GBit simply has the advantage that the hardware requirements, especially for a NAS, are lower and many mainboards now almost all have 2.5 GBit ports.

My desktop PC is already older (and has failed in the meantime, so I’ll be looking for new components after the holidays) and I bought a network card for 2.5 GBit. And the built-in card on my MSI board for the Openmediavault NAS also has a 2.5 GBit port.

Last week review 49-2023

Both cards work without any problems and deliver an average of 280-290 MB/sec via a Samba share. With my X300, which I currently use as my main PC, as well as my Macbook Air, I am out of luck with 2.5 GBit. The X300 has a 1 GBit port, but there is no Ethernet port on the USB hub I use either.

For these cases, I got myself a 2.5 GBit USB-C adapter that plugs into the hub of my Dell monitor. This gives both the faster connection. Overall, I think 2.5 GBit is the alternative, especially for home use.

Last week review 49-2023

Then this week WordPress was updated on all my websites. It is the version WordPress 6.4.2. It is a bugfix release, which corrects some errors of the previous version. Since the new version also contains some security-relevant updates, it is recommended to switch to the new version as soon as possible.

But be careful, as Heise reports, there are also fake update warnings that are supposed to make the site operators install an alleged security plugin, which of course does nothing but compromise the computer.

Last week review 49-2023

Next week my articles will appear later because Skylum has another new feature that I’m trying out for you. I have already downloaded the beta version and will be testing and trying it out.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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