Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor

There are some occasions when a portable monitor would make sense. I bought such a monitor because of a few requirements.


Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor

The trigger may have been my firewall, which is operated headless and can be accessed via SSH. Sometimes you can’t get anywhere via SSH and you have to check something directly on the device. This can have a variety of reasons, because a process creates excessive load or you can’t get anywhere via SSH.

For my applications I only needed a very small monitor that was easy to stow away and was still inexpensive because it was used relatively rarely. There are also different sizes of portable monitors and some that are designed for touch or with better refresh rates that belong more to the gaming area.

It then became the Arzopa S1, 15.6 inches. This portable monitor can be found on Amazon for around €100.

I also recorded a short video about it:

Scope of delivery

Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor

The package of course contains the monitor, a cover that magnetically adheres to the monitor and can also be used as a stand. Then there is a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable and a cable with a normal HDMI plug on one side and a MINI HDMI plug on the other side.

The monitor itself has 2x USB ports and the mini HDMI port. In addition, there are power, volume and brightness controls on the same page.

The USB-C port is also a display port, so it can be used as an input for an iPad or a MAC, for example. The port is PD capable. This means that the device connected via USB-C can not only supply the video signal, but also the power to operate it.

Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor


While we have already mentioned the iPad, if I use a plug from Anker, for example, I can supply or charge the iPad with power and the video signal is delivered via the USB-C port of the iPad Air.

Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor

This monitor can also serve as an extension of an existing display, e.g. on a laptop. I tried it here once on my X300.

Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor

Behind it you can see my Dell monitor, which is profiled. You can expect wonders from such a display, but for a portable monitor that is used occasionally, that’s perfectly fine for me.

If you are planning to use such a monitor as an extension for your laptop, for example to have a second screen for photo or video editing, you should invest a little more.

Azorpa portable 15 inch monitor

But the small monitor also works well on a Rapsberry Pi. If you take the performance framework into account, you can replace a small PC if it’s just about office, email and perhaps surfing.


For the small amount of money and for my intended purpose, the portable monitor is more than sufficient. Of course, there are color differences to a Dell monitor, but that’s not what it’s supposed to be used for.

ciao tuxoche

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