Last week review 03-2024

Weekly review 03-2024 and we have to realize that we are now to the point where a little snow almost completely throws us off our game ;-(

Last week review 03-2024

This week it was all about a photo management software that is web-based. We are talking about Lychee, which is very suitable for presenting your photos. You can create albums and thus organize and present your photos very well. All you need is a browser.

But first you have to install Lychee. This requires a Linux system, a web server such as Apache and of course a database such as MySQL or MariaDB. The installation can certainly also be done on a Rapsberry Pi, but I installed it on my Proxmox server using Docker to try it out.

With Docker, the installation is relatively simple and then you can already use Lychee. You can display the individual images, of course you can also display the Exif metadata and if the image also contains GPS data, the location where the image was taken is of course displayed on a map. All in all a very flexible system that I use to present my photos or certain albums on a TV.

Last week review 03-2024


Last week review 03-2024For me, this is a resource-saving way of presenting pictures and videos. Yes, the system can also play videos, e.g. mov or mp4.

Then there is a promotion from Skylum until January 29th, in which Luminar NEO users can try out the AI extensions for free. You can download and try out the trial versions via this link. There are also discounts for the subscription as well as the lifetime license of Luminar NEO. Corresponding licenses can be purchased via this link with the discount. You can then order an annual subscription for €55 and €79, for example. Just take a look at the offers.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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