Last week review 47-2023

Weekly review 47-2023 and it’s still quite mild for the fact that we’re approaching December 😉

Last week review 47-2023

This week was all about video editing with Da Vinci Resolve and in particular how to store settings, cut points and other things in a central database. Da Vinci Resolve always installs a local PostgresQL database in which everything is stored.

And of course you can take advantage of this and install a PostgreSQL database on a Linux server or Linux container, which then stores everything centrally. Such a solution makes backups easier and, above all, you can access this database from several PCs.

Alongside MySQL and MaraiDB, PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced databases in the open source sector and is de facto supported by every Linux distribution and can be installed there without any problems.

Last week review 47-2023

Once you have set up the database and the corresponding rights in the Postgres database, you can submit a project library with Da Vinci Resolve, in which all projects, edits, associated clips etc. are then saved. In my case, for example, this makes it much easier to switch to a PC with a dedicated graphics card.

I am very happy with this solution and can now edit my videos with my Deskmini X300 , a energy saving mini pc (with minor restrictions).

Last week review 47-2023

Then, more than a month ago, I ordered a mini PC from Amazon, which I might use as a firewall with OPNSense in the future. The special thing is that this mini PC is directly equipped with 6 2.5 GBit connections. It cost just under €260 without RAM or SSD and took more than a month to get to me.

I have now equipped it with 32 GB RAM and a 500 GB SSD, and am currently experimenting with Proxmox and OPNSense. Let’s see if I can get it configured the way I want it at the moment.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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