Last week review 48-2019

Last week review 48-2019 and this week the weather is as expected for late November  😉

Last week review 48-2019After i setup my server newly with OpenMediaVault and added more storage space to it it was now time after more than 2 years of usage to install my Desktop pc with a clean install Windows 10.

After installing a new Windows 10 it was necessary to add more capacity to the harddrives. This was achievd by adding a 1 TB SSD from Crucial, so i have more space for the most recent images and videos. Another 500 GB SSD offers the oportunity to use such a fast SSD drive as a dedicated cache storage for video and foto editing software. And also in the regular harddrives i added capacity with a RAID0 to 5,4 TB. With this setup i should enough space for the near future.

Last week review 48-2019Almost all camara manufacturers have problems with a decline in sales. Maybe this is due to the intensive usage of smartphones, because most people which would have bought a smaller cameras now are satisfied with the quality of a smartphone camera. Now there were rumors about Olympus closing down their camera department, which would have hard of all fan of the mFT system. But after all these rumors about Olympus were fake. And as a proof Olympus announced a new lens roadmap. But there is the question why Olympus has to develop its own 100-400mm.

Last week review 48-2019And then of course last week was Black Friday and some online stores had a whole Black Friday week. Luminar 4 now be ordered in a Black Friday package until December 2nd. Order via this link or download a test version and try out Luminar 4 yourself if it is an alternative tzo Lightroom Classic, because i could advise Luminar 4 as a plugin only.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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