Last week review 02-2020

Last week review  02-2020 and its so warm doesn’t feel like winter time at all 😉

Last week review 02-2020The start with this years articles made Skylum with their update for Luminar 4.1. There was an issue with the update function (this didn’t show me the update) but after download the offline installation file i could upgrade to version 4.1.

Luminar 4.1 seems to run more stable so i assume that skylum corrrected some of the memory leaks in the Windows version which resulted in eating up more and more memory when editing images. But now you can move thru the browse view with the cursor and the page keys.

Last week review 02-2020Unfortunately not all errors were corrected with the update to version 4.1. There is still the issue with the histogram that is updated after you release relvant rulers like exposure or contrast. There are some severe color shifts between the preview in the browser tab and a full size view or in the edit tab. In total the updates some errors but still there is a lot to do for Skylum and thats why i stick to my advice to use Luminar 4 as a plugin only.

Last week review 02-2020In the last days of the old year the opensource image processing tool darktable was updated to version 3. Besides some error correections and general optimizations the GUI was completely redone and now offers themes. The new version also added support for more camera modells. Darktable can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Lunix. Maybe it would be interesting to do another review on Darktable, because my last review was based on version 2.4.

Last week review 02-2020After the presentation of a couple mirror-less full frame cameras in 2019 there was a discussion about the DSLR system being dead. But now Canon presented a successor of their full-frame high-end flagship, the Canon 1DX MK III. Even though i could never afford such a camera the specs show that there is development in the DSLR sector like 16 fps, 191 AF points and of course internal video recording in RAW with up to 5.5 K resolution. But as a successor of the Canon ! DX MK II the camera will have a price tag.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche



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