Last week review 01-2019

Last week review  01-2019 and the weather arround my area is wet cold and just ugly 😉

Last week review 01-2019First of all i wish all my readers and your families a very Happy New Year 2019. Like always the first post in the year is the time to look back at the past year 2018 and the 5 years the blog is online. The main topics for the most of the almost 560 posts still are photography, software, HDR and panorama, but more and more video and apps for the Android system are interesting to report on.

Towards the end of the past year Skylum attracted the interest just like at the end of the year 2017, at that time under the old name MacPhun. In Decmber Skylum released Aurora HDR 2019 and their raw image porcessing tool Luminar 3, this time they fullfilled their promise to implment a library function, at least in the release notes. Skylum wanted to be a competitor to Adobe Lightroom but so far it’s a nice try only. The library functions are implemented very poorly so there will be an update at the end of January.

Last week review 01-2019Of course Lightroom reached 2019 before the end of the year 2018 with their new release. The changes in the new version are marginal but meaningful. Besides this another Lightroom competitor ON1 released a version of their ON1 Photo Raw 2019. This version includes a Lightroom Migration Tool for the first time to draw away Lightroom users which don’t like Adobe’s software rental model. The migration tool will export all the development settings from Lightroom to the ON1 catalog. I tried it out and its not error free, but its a good implmentation for the first release of the migration tool.

Last week review 01-2019

A very time consuming task is to scan my slides with the RPS 10M film scanner, which i bought at the beginning of year 2018. But if you the discussions on new cameras and their noise at certain ISOP settings just relax and take a look on a 40 year old Kodachrome slide 😉

Last week review 01-2019The year 2018 seemed to be the year of the mirror-less cameras. Canon released their EOS-R system camera and Nikon released two of them, the Z 6 and Z7.

I admit to be a fan of mirror-less systems like my Lumix G-81 but on full-frame systems i doubt the success of these systems, in particular with Canon EOS-R system. I wouldn’t mind to switch but first of all the base price for a EOS-R is arround 3.400,– € with the new 24-105mm/4.0.  But there are the other lenses wqith the new R lens-mount. First a 35mm/1.8 Macro with a reasonable price but a very short focal length for a macro lens. A 50mm/1.2 with a price of 2.500,– € and a 28-70mm/2.0 zoom lens at a price of arround 3.400,– €. Sorry Canon but this is not an alternative, at least for me.

Ok thats the first post for 2019. But there will be a major change this year. First i like to support my reviews/tutorials with videos a lot more, which are uploaded to my Youtube channel. On the other hand there will be no blog post every week, because sometimes i had a hard time last year to find an interesting topic every time to do a post.

ciao tuxoche

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