Last week review 38-2018

Last week review 38-2018 and now we’re getting closer to fall, a little bit cooler and more rainy 😉

Last week review 38-2018This week the main topic was the need for a fullframe camera or if a mFT camera might be sufficient, maybe inspired by the Nikon and Canon releases of their mirrorless fullframe cameras. I reported on my practical experiences over the last almost 4 years with mFT and my fullframe camera i own at the same time.

Last week review 38-2018The main advantage about a mFT system is first of all size and weight of the equipment. Weight will add very fast to 2-3 kg ofr a complete equipment. But of course because of the smaller sensor image qualitiy not as good as a fullframe at least in theory. But in practical situations the differences in image quality are smaller than expected. Choosing good lenses on both systems a mFT system will get bvery close to a fullframe camera, so i can easily print out the image in large sizes not noticing large differences or differences at all.

Of copurse the smaller sensor doesn’t have the reserves for image processing, because brightning up the shadow areas of an image will bring very fast additional noise in those areas.

But anyway so far i didn’t made it to switch completely to the mFT system, maybe there is a little bit of hope that a fullframe system will at least provide the better image qualitiy.

Last week review 38-2018It fits in the picture that after Nikon and Canon published their full frame mirrorless cameras Panasonic announced a full frame camera to be released next week. Meanwhile a lot of rumors say that Panasonic will release even two new cameras on this years Photokina trade show. It’s said that the cameras will include in body stbalization (IBIS) and because Panasonic doesn’t ignor the video bloggers will also include video capabilites up to 4K with 60fps. We have to wait and see the real specifications of the cameras, but if rumors are true that at least one of the cameras will offer up to 42MPix the price for the Panasonic will certakinly be arround 3.000,– € or more.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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