Flash light with the Lumix S5 and Godox X-Pro

At the time of mFT, I reported that I had bought a Gogox TT685O flash unit, although I actually use a flash unit relatively rarely.


Flash light with the Lumix S5 and Godox X-Pro

Back then it was still under the heading “Big flash for a small camera“, although the Lumix G9 wasn’t really that small back then either. Now I’m quite happy that the Godox TT685O also fits on the Lumix S5, as the flash system is standardized here. The Godox TT685 has now received a successor.

Nevertheless, photographing with a flash mounted on the camera is of course rather suboptimal. That’s why I’ve always had a trigger system on my mind, but I’ve only now realized it.

The Godox X-Pro costs just under 75,– €

Godox X-Pro Flash trigger

Flash light with the Lumix S5 and Godox X-Pro

Godox offers flash triggers for almost all camera systems, including Canon, Sony and Fuji. The Godox X-Pro O is for the Olympus/Panasonic system and fits perfectly with the Lumix S5.

This flash trigger can trigger all Godox system flashes that have a slave function, including the larger flashes such as the AD200 or AD200 Pro.

The display shows 5 possible groups. However, several flash units can be connected in these groups. But I don’t want to go that far. I’m only interested in reliable off-camera flashes and perhaps a second flash unit will be added at some point, which will then of course have to be adjusted according to the power of the flash.

The flash trigger takes 2 AA batteries. It’s just a pity that when using rechargeable batteries, even the good Eneloops, the battery indicator is almost always set to empty. This seems to be due to the lower voltage of the batteries.

the coupling

Simply set the desired channel on the trigger.

Flash light with the Lumix S5 and Godox X-Pro

Then just set the same channel on the flash unit and, of course, slave mode, and you’re ready to go.

Flash light with the Lumix S5 and Godox X-Pro

Just make sure that the flash is in the desired group.

Why not version II

There is also an MK II version of the flash trigger. This is a little larger, the connection and the flash shoe have been changed a little and the trigger can probably also be controlled with an app via Bluetooth. However, it is almost twice the price and that was not worth it to me, as I rarely use a flash unit.


The Godox X-Pro for the Panasonic/Olympus system fulfills its purpose, so that you can mainly flash unleashed. I find it a bit of a pity that the unit does not display the correct capacity when used with rechargeable batteries. But you can prevent this by always having a second set of batteries with you (if in doubt, you have to anyway because of the flash unit).

And so far the trigger has worked reliably, so I have no complaints here either.

ciao tuxoche


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