Last week review 23-2023

Weekly review 23-2023 and this week it was again the midsummer temperatures that were already too warm ;-(

Last week review 23-2023This week it was about the new version of Luminar NEO, which has reached version 1.10 with the update. At the moment there is a Summersale, where you can get Luminar NEO for a very low price. With the new version especially the functions Upscale AI, Noiseless AI and Focusstacking AI have been improved. Furthermore, new cameras like the Sony EV-10 are now supported.

In my article I compared the Upscale and Noiseless AI functions with the corresponding functions in Lightroom Classic, especially since Lightroom recently got an AI denoising function that is really fantastic.

Last week review 23-2023

With the denoising feature, I found the results in Lightroom to be better, although Lightroom Classic took what felt like an eternity to create the denoised DNG, at least on my computer. However, Luminar NEO wasn’t really worse, but it was faster.

With the HDR function I have now in the sense no Verbewsserung determined, and the results of both programs are more than convincing.Leidglich Lightroom generates a DNG file, while Luminar NEO generates a Tiff.

Last week review 23-2023The real difference still comes when upscaling an image. Here, the results have been enhanced in Luminar NEO, but the Lightroom image still looks sharper, crisper, and overall more polished.

Last week review 23-2023II had already reported about the Photoshop CC update to version 24.5. In the meantime, however, you also get emails from Adobe and in the Creative Cloud Applicatgion it is also displayed, the Photoshop Beta. This version makes with the further AI support and the generative filling at the time of itself talk. There you will be able to exchange entire image contents, color any surfaces and textures differently, use and much more.

On the one hand, this technology is fascinating, but on the other hand, it is also alarming, because the number of fake images will explode. And the technology achieves partly very good results, so that one has hardly chances to recognize a manipulated picture. How do you think about it and above all, what does it have to do with photography, or are we in a different world.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

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