Last week review 41-2022

Weekly review 41-2022 and was a very nice week with beautiful sunshine and already strong autumn colors 🙂

Last week review 41-2022I unfortunately increased the storage a bit during the pandemic and used so called SMR hard disks for that. These hard disks mostly
are a bit cheaper, but can be very slow with larger amounts of data. Since I store on the NAS of course my photos and videos are larger data preprgrammiert.

Last week review 41-2022At the same time there were also older 2 TB plates, one of which already delivered error messages to smartd and I did not want to rely on my luck. So I removed the 2 TB disks and replaced the two SMR disks. At the same time I updated to Openmediavault 6 due to an error in config.xml and can now again enjoy a system that achieves the transfer rates expected from a GB Ethernet.

Last week review 41-2022Skylum has released a migration tool to bring your catalog and photos from Luminar AI to Luminar NEO. In view of the meanwhile quite advanced processing options in Luminar NEO a consequnent step. Nobody will expect Skylum 2 to maintain similar programs instead of concentrating on Luminar NEO. It will probably be about the edits that were done in Luminar AI, because regarding a management of the photos, the catalog content should be quite manageable.

Last week review 41-2022Then there was a quite interesting article on Golem about online commerce. Mainly it was about Amazon’s position but also about the strengthening of other retailers.  In principle I am for the support of the stationary trade, but in the area photo and particularly computer it goes m.E. further downhill.

As a small example, I wanted to buy PCI cards about 14 days ago. At a local dealer, who is also a shipper, the cards were listed as in stock for shipping. A phone call asking if they could be picked up in a store was answered in the affirmative. That was on Tuesday and on Friday I went to the store and wanted to pick up the cards. There I was told that they would have to be ordered first. And then one wonders that more and more customers migrate to the online trade?

All in all, again very eventful weeks. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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