Last week review 13-2021

Weekly review 13-2021 and this week it was practically already summery 😉

Last week review 13-2021This week there was again a contribution to the iPad Air and here especially to the connection of USB drives with a USB 3.0 hub. The special HUB can be powered externally and also offers a built-in card reader for SD cards. The external power supply is important in that you can’t even run a small USB stick on the Lightning USB adapter. And of course, the built-in card reader is just extremely handy.
Last week review 13-2021

The external power supply can also be taken over by a powerbank, so that you are very mobile with this combo to be able to backup your data on the go.

With such a combination, you can save your pictures directly to an external SSD, for example, without having to store them on the tablet. Of course, you can still do that if you want to do some initial editing of your images on the iPad as well. And the iPad has proven its suitability for photo and video editing with Lightroom, Photoshop or Lumafusion.

Last week review 13-2021Then around Easter, of course, Skylum has a special Easter offer for Luminar AI. Until 05.04 you can get different combination of Luminar AI. One can save here up to 20 €. So you can save 15 € for the single license of Luminar AI. Perhaps an option in view of the only recently very strongly improved functions for the replacement of the sky areas, which covers now also reflections. One can of course download a trial version first. I use Luminar AI as a plugin for Lightroom Classic.

And Skylum has also made another adjustment to Luminar 4, and Luminar 4.3.3 adds support for more cameras and improves performance.

All in all again very eventful weeks. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments. And apart from that, I have to say again “Keep your distance” and “Reduce contacts”. Rules that still apply despite the relaxations. And unfortunately the numbers went up again.

ciao tuxoche


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