Last week review 30-2021

Weekly review 30-2021 and this week the weather is very mixed, temperatures in the middle range but humid and steamy 😉

Last week review 30-2021This week Skylum has introduced almost 2 months after the last update now update 4 of Luminar AI. With this update the Bokeh AI was implemented and thus the focus is clearly on portrait/people photography.

Update 4 is free for all owners of a corresponding license and offers various optimizations of the face or a body. This allows you to brighten the face or just the eyes without having to mask the corresponding parts of the image. Up to this point, this can be seen as a reduction in the photographer’s workload, and it makes sense.

Last week review 30-2021However, the fact that you also have options to make the face or the entire body of a model look narrower or fuller can be a borderline violation, depending on your point of view.  But for this you can download a test version, then you can decide for yourself whether these are really support functions or a NoGo.

I may be less able to judge because I shoot less portraits.

Last week review 30-2021Then Darktable got an update to version 3.6. which was also released. I had already introduced Darktable more than once in a post. Darktable is characterized by many detail improvements. Among other things, support for X-Rite calibration has been introduced and detail masks have been improved. There is a new module censor, with image parts can be made unrecognizable.  This can be handy when editing shots where, for example, car license plates are visible.

Last week review 30-2021Then the new macro lens from PearGear for mFT is probably available, at least probably on Amazon.  The lens is not uninteresting, as it offers a slightly longer focal length than my 45mm macro lens. In addition, the lens allows a magnification of 2:1 without further accessories. For this, you have to accept at a price of just under 230, – € that it is a manual lens.

All in all again very eventful weeks. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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