Last week review 51-2020

Weekly review 51-2020 and the weather here is still not getting wintery or rather Christmasy, so a bit of snow….

Last week review 51-2020After Skylum released its new tool Luminar AI, maybe the time had come to test one of the older AI functions in competition. We are talking about the “Replace Sky” function, which has recently been added to Photoshop CC.

Last week review 51-2020Of course, Luminar AI offers a few more AI functions, but compared to Photoshop CC, both are about on par in this one function. Maybe, depending on the circumstances, Luminar AI is even ahead once and you get better results than with Photoshop CC.

The new Luminar AI probably takes a different approach and wants to relieve the photographer. The photographer should care about the image results and not about layers, masks, etc.. That’s why the layers in Luminar AI have been dropped and only the local masks exist.

Last week review 51-2020

It is still unfamiliar and requires some rethinking in some places. But maybe you download a demo version and judge for yourself. If you want to order Luminar you get 10,– € with the coupon code TUXOCHE.

With week 51 the year is de facto already over. The year 2020 was marked by Covid-19 and even at the end of the year the virus has us firmly in its grip. The virus gives us a lockdown and a certainly different Christmas than we have known so far. And the turn of the year will be different than we are used to.

But let’s perhaps let this one get the better of us, so to speak, and reduce our contacts. Then perhaps there is hope that, together with the vaccine, the year 2021 can at least be a little more familiar.

Last week review 51-2020


In this sense I wish all my readers nevertheless a contemplative Christmas and all the best for the year 2021.

ciao tuxoche


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