Last week review 50-2018

Last week review 50-2018 and now the year 2018 is almost over 😉

Last week review 50-2018This week was quite busy. First of all i took a closer look on the image processing tool Luminar 3, which will be relased next week with the promised image managing functions, which were promised for quite a long time. If you pre-order the app you’ll get 10,– € off and if you use this link with the rebate code TUXOCHE you’ll get another 10,– € off the regular price.

Last week review 50-2018Luminar is a pretty good image processing tool and offers automatic and accoording to Skylum AI powered image processing, like with the sky enhancer introduced into the last update of Luminar 2018. But to bad that the image library functions are poorly implemented, so a real management of your image sis not possible. Luminar doesn’t use Exif data at all and don’t even think about tagging your images with keywords. This is one of functions missing so far. This is pretty disappointing after the company promised image managing for such a long time. Therefor Lightroom users looking for an alternative because of Adobe’s rental modell will still have to wait.

Also there were problems with the preview images which were displayed a long time afterwards. Maybe this is caused by the fact that the folders are read in pretty fast.

This could improve a little bit if Skylum does the roadmap as mentioned on their website and this might be the time where DAM becomes a little bit more usable.

Last week review 50-2018This week Adobe released updates for Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC for the desktop but also for Android and iOS systems and of course Adobe Camera RAW. Besides the support for new cameras in particular cell phone cameras Adobe implemented smaller improvements in Lightroom Classi CC.

Now its possible to customize the development panel. You can move elements to the bottom, which are used seldomly or you even hide those elments you don’t need at all. Since doesn’T include a lot filters like Luminar it is not necessary to save different configurations.

In addition now you can add automatically imported images on a watched folder into a collection. Even more useful is the improvement on merging images in panorama or HDR mode, where the image con can differ a little in dimensions or the used lens.

The changes in the new Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC versions straightforward.

Last week review 50-2018Third and last there were bad news for Google+ users, because a new data leak which 50 million accounts affected. This is the reason for Google to shutdown Google+ earlier and that is April 2019. I expected this one because a lot users already search for alternatives.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments. I prepared another post for next wek, but this was last review for this year, because i will enjoy the holidays.

ciao tuxoche


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