Luminar version 1.3.0

Last week Skylum released Luminar in version 1.3.0. I downloaded the new version and tried it out.

Luminar version 1.3.0After Skylum released an Luminar update back in April, according to the companies promises they should have released the long awaited DAM module, which brings the software in competition with Lightroom. But besides a couple mails to registered users with the announcement the DAM module will be coming soon so far its still a promise.

But now the update to version 1.3.0 is free of charge for registered users of the software.

Personally i think this update release with only a few improvements was done to redirect the attention from the DAM module. But this is already part of the reviewing. According to Skylum’s website the DAM modul is announced for this year, no mentioning anymore about a release in July. Hopefully Skylum will change the file storage with the DAM module, because so far, every change must be stored in a file with the ending “lmnr” , which is equal in size to the original RAW file.

Talking about file storage, according to a couple other blog post, the new version implemented an option to store the development history along with the file. I can’t find the option, but the according  lmnr file contains all development stpes. But on the other hand loading such a file takes a lot longer than loading a RAW file.

As another improvement Skylum implmented the usage of DNG camera profiles according to the DCP standard:

Luminar version 1.3.0


I use such profiules for quite some now in combination with the X-Rite system. In contrast to the Lightroom workflow you have to manually load the profile before you make such a profile a default for the used camera.

In combination with the white balance the is a colorpicker now to define the region of an image with the correct white balance. :

Luminar version 1.3.0


I can’t state a faster loading of the raw files. Besides this Luminar relased a  sort of in between update, but Skylum seems to be on the right way. But to a real competition to Lightroom there is a long way to go.

ciao tuxoche

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