Improve audio recordings with Adobe Podcast AI

A few weeks ago, a message came over Twitter that Adobe is also planning something in the audio area, among other things an AI that is supposed to improve audio recordings.


Audioaufnahmen verbesseren mit Adobe Podcast AI

I don’t run a podcast, but for the videos I post on YouTube, audio plays just as important a role as the moving image.

I don’t have a room that is specifically designed for audio, but I still try to achieve good audio quality by choosing a microphone (Rode VideoMic or t.bone SC425).

Nevertheless, I have of course also noise in my audio recordings, e.g. machnmal the PC fan or also the fans of the video lights.

And here the software from Adobe should help.

Adobe Podcast Enhance AI

The software is in beta stage and designed as a web application, accessible through the browser. If you don’t have an Adobe account, e.g. because of the Lightroom Foto subscription, you have to register.

I have recorded a short video about the software:

Improve audio recordings with Adobe Podcast AI

The audio track can be uploaded either as mp3 or wav file. I prefer wav files here, because here no losses can arise from the compression.

To extract the audio files or the tracks I use VLC, an opensource software,which is ptractically available for all operating systems. A setting to extract wav files is not provided by default, but you can easily set it yourself.


After uploading you get an mp3 or wav for download. The time it takes depends on the duration of the recording and how much noise is present in the recording and how strong it is.

Improve audio recordings with Adobe Podcast AI

The results are, in my opinion, very impressive. The speech is emphasized and more concise, but there are also some who say that the voice then sounds like a robot. I think that everyone has to find out for themselves how their own voice sounds and whether it is acceptable.


Regardless of the question whether this is really AI software, the results are good from my point of view. Nevertheless, one should of course do everything possible to record audio optimally.

Improve audio recordings with Adobe Podcast AI

Otherwise, this web application is definitely capable of saving many a recording.

ciao tuxoche


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