Christmas gifts from Adobe

Shortly before christmas Adobe does a gift gibing in form of new releases for the different Lightroom versions 😉

Christmas gifts from AdobeIt started yesterday morning with a notice on my Android smartphone that there was a new version available for Lightroom CC. Last nite the desktop cloud application gave me a notice that there were new versions avaialble for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC for the desktop and of course for Adobe Camera RAW.  Meanwhile Adobe did a post on their blog to announce the main improvements and list the main changes in the applications.

But lets take a look on Lightroom Classic first, where Adobe improved the auto function in the development module. The improvemnet is according to Adobe based on Adobe Sensei , a sort of artificial intelligence, which is also used to add keywords in Lightroom CC, when images are uploaded to your cloud storage.

I did 2 examples using the new auto function compared to the old one:

 Christmas gifts from Adobe

The main improvment in the new auto function is achieved by lowering the expsoure instead of brightning up the image in the old function.

Here another example taken with my  Lumix G81:

Christmas gifts from Adobe

The results are pretty good for an auto function with one mouse click and are a good base for further developments.

Christmas gifts from AdobeNow lets take a look on Lightroom CC for the desktop, the cloud only solution from Adobe. Adobe implmented tonal curves in the application where the contrast and/or highlights/shadows can be controlled very fast. Besides applying changes for the image in gneral you can also adjust the curves for evrey one of the 3 base colors separately. The changes are applied pretty fast to the images and stored in the cloud version of the image.

We’ll Lightroom CC is getting more and more improvements and there will be the day where Lightroom CC offers the same or even more opportunities for image processing and that will the day when Adobe drops Lightroom Classic, even if they promised not to do so.

Besides the new function where the new auto function is the one with most benefit as a base for further development new cameras are supported. Besides the new IPhone X and the Pixel 2 the new Sony  A7 R III must be mentioned.

What do think about the new auto feature? Too me they are interesting but not a big improvement. Support for the new cameras and lenses will be implemented in Lightroom 6 which will be released on Dec. 19th.

ciao tuxoche


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