Last week review 42-2016

Last week review 42-2016 and slowly the weather really feels like autumn , not to say sort of ugly ūüôĀ with all the rain

Last week review 42-2016In this weeks article i reported on how i got a universal recharger for Canon rechargable batteries from  Hähnel because i forgot to pack the orginal battery charger that comes with the  5D MK II

The Hähnel Ultima Plus universal recharger is able to recharge all kind of rechargable batteries for Canon cameras, and of course it recharges the LP-E6 rechargables for the Canon 5D MK II and also batteries from other manufactureres. For the different rechargable battery types there are 3 different plates packed with the device. For using the regular european power plug or the the one usable in the US/GB there are 2 different plates available for plugin into the device. An interesting feature is the USB port which allows rechargeing smartphones/tablets or other USB devices.

Last week review 42-2016Gardengnome released an error corrections version for  Pano2VR mainly correcting errors occuring on mobile devices running under iOS or Android. The post also contains a hint to new book about panorama photography (german), which explains the features oy my preferred combination of PTGui and Pano2VR.

Last week review 42-2016This week i got a notification about an available update for Lightroom mobile on my smartphone; and again there is no blog post an Adobe’s page. This version carries the version number 2.1.2 It should be a bug fix release mainly without any new features.

I found out that the sharing dialog was corrected. Here you didn’t find a list of all services allowing to share images but the share would go to the service with the latest setup, in my case Facebook. If i wnated to share an image to Google+ or Twitter i would be forced to do the setup again. But now Lightroom mobile correctly generates a list of all services installed on the smartphone, just like other apps do.


Last week review 42-2016I’m missing an option, like in “saving to galery”, to reduce the size of the image to be shared lets say to 2000px on the longest edge, because for Google+,Facebook and Twitter its pretty much useless to share an image full size.

This was an interesting week and¬†I¬†hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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