Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3

It’s May again and Adobe released another update for Lightroom Classic yesterday, bringing Lightroom to version 13.3.


Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3It was yesterday afternoon when my Adobe Creative Cloud service reported that an update for Lightroom Classic was available and I downloaded it yesterday.

You could almost tell that an update of the catalog was also required, that it would be a major update. So I carried out the update and then looked on the Adobe website to see what new things awaited me. And this time there is quite a lot.

Generative removal

If you now remember the generative filling in Photoshop CC, you are basically right, it’s just the other way round. The function tries to remove marked areas that are disturbing in a photo and then replace them with suitable parts of the image.

Here is an original:

Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3

With the new tool you can now mark and replace all disturbing parts of the image. And just like with generative filling, you are also offered variants.

Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3

I removed disturbing people as an example and it worked quite well. But there were also examples where you could see, at least in the 100% view, that the image had been tinkered with.

Aesthetic blurring

The function was actually already available as a beta, but has now left the beta status. But here is an example:

Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3

And here is the result after editing:

Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3

And it looks good in Lightroom. And you can now save it as a preset and apply it to multiple images without losing the option to edit it later.

Filtering by exported images

Adobe releases Lightroom Classic 13.3

In the grid view, you can now filter by images that have already been exported or have not yet been exported. You can of course also incorporate this into a smart collection.

Furthermore, support for additional cameras and lenses, which are included in practically every update, should not be missing. There are also stability and bug improvements.

For Sony users there is an option now to do tether shootings in Lightroom Classic with the different Sony cameras.


I think this is a successful update. Of course, you have to get used to the AI ​​functions and want to use them to your advantage. But the AI-supported functions are slowly but surely growing up and conquering areas beyond smartphones.

ciao tuxoche

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