Last week review 40-2022

Weekly review 40-2022 with a very beautiful and consistently quite sunny late summer week 😉

This week, the start of the mushroom season was about using the iPhone for your close-up and macro photos as well. I did this this summer and the results are surprisingly good.

Since the thing only works on the iPhone 13 Pro models and then only with the super wide angle lens, the results are of course different than, for example, with a system camera and a macro lens. You have to get very close to the subject and it can happen that you take the light away from yourself or create unsightly shadows.

Last week review 40-2022The perspective is completely different and you need enough light on the subject to keep the ISO setting low. And the macro mode also works for video recording. Here, however, it is recommended to move away from the subject, then the jump that occurs when switching is not so large.

Last week review 40-2022Last week I briefly mentioned the newly released macro lens from Laowa. Petapixel has now published a practical test on a Nikon Z and, as expected, the lens comes off quite well.

Of course you have to live with the limitations of a manual lens. Here neither AF is available nor any data is transferred to the camera for the Exif meta data.

Then this week Linux 6.0 was officially released, which as usual with new major versions has experienced a lot of changes. There is an extended hardware support, above all in the graphics range and the now already run the preparations for Lunix 6.1 that among other things Rust as further programming language beside C will insert.

Last week review 40-2022

DxO has introduced Photolab 6 this week. This version is supposed to contain an improved prime denoiser. In addition, there is probably also a further development at the Viewpoint technology which is now available in version 4.

The full version of the Elite Edition is offered for 219,– €. Unfortunately no information about the upgrade price was available

Last week review 40-2022

And while we are on the subject. I upgraded my NAS to a newer version. The NAS was running OpenMediaVault 5 so far and I changed some things now, because one hard disk was about to fail as well.  I will report about that in the next week.

All in all again very eventful weeks. I hope you like the articles and I am looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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