Last week review 01-2020

Last week review  01-2020 and here is somewhat cold but also sunny  😉

Last week review 01-2020

First of all i wish my readers and their families and friends a Happy New Year 2020. Like always the first article in the new year is used to review the past year 2019 and the past 6 years and over 630 articles published here. The main focus in all articles is RAW photography and image processing, HDR, panorama but also video is a more important topic in the year 2019.

Last week review 01-2020The new year 2020 is also the opportunity to look back on the past decade. In the year 2010 i captured images of course with a digital camera and that was the Canon 400D. After a short while i got the Canon 40D which didn’t offer more resolution but better autofocus and a better burst rate. Switching to the 40D was an improvement even though the sensor only had  3888x2592px just like the 400D. In the same year 2010 i got myself the Canon 5D MK II and stepped into fullframe photography. The Canon 5D MK II went along for almost 10 years and was a real good camera and of course an improvement with the 25Mpix resolution. In this year i captured close-ups with the UniLokc tripod and the Tamron 180mm/3.5 Macro.

Last week review 01-2020At the end of 2018 i substituted after almost 10 years my Canon 5D MK II and got myself a Canon 6D MK II. This cam is fullframe too, has a swveling display and built-in GPS and even more important a even better autofocus. Now if you ask why i didn’t get myself a mirror-less camera like the EOS R or the EOS RP i reply that those cameras are way to expensive for what they offer. And using a mirrorless camera requires to switch the lenses to the new RF mount. And this is pretty expensive and even worse the lenses available are pretty expensive compared to their EF mount counterparts. And looking at the availanble lenses i don’T need a 15-35/2.8 for a little over 2.500,– € i would be happy with a lens with a maximum aparture of f 4.0.

Last week review 01-2020Generally the year 2019 was the year of the mirror-less full-frame cameras. Besides teh Canon modells Nikon intorduced the Nikon Z6 and the Z7 and in addition with the Z50 a mirrorless APC-camera. And Panasonic found its way with 2 Lumix full-frame modells. And at the end of the year 2019 Nikon fullfilled their promise to bring ProRes RAW video to the Nikon Z6 and Z7 with the help of the Atomos Ninja V HDMI recorder.

Last week review 01-2020Just like in the year 2018 Skylum kept themself in the discussion with Luminar. The half-assed implementation of the library in Luminar 3 which even can’t be adresses as a half-way DAM wasn’t dropped officially but gets less priority. Then the company decided to release Luminar 4 with a lot more so called AI functions but you had to pay for the update. The update is supposed to help the photographer who does landscape or portrait photography and bring very decent results with just a couple of mouse clicks. So far i can advice Luminar 4 as a plugin for Lightroom only and that because of the filters.

Last week review 01-2020Of course Adobe released Lightroom Classic 2020 before the end of the year. The changes are pretty marginal but useful in some cases. In Photoshop CC 2020 i find it very interesting that the app is able to mark the main object in an image automatically. If there are more objects it just needs a little bit help to mark the main object. And the masing is very good so these tools will find more more their way in different applications.

Last week review 01-2020

That was the first article in the year 2020. There might be some changes in the new year. On the one hand sight i want to support my articles with additional videos on my YouTube Kanal , on the other hand there might no be an article every single week. because sometimes its just hard to find an interesting topic.

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