Last week review 40-2018

Last week review 40-2018 and we notice days getting shorter and you leave the house for office in the dark  😉

Last week review 40-2018This week i made Lightroom plugins a topic again, but mainly the different types of plugins (Export,-Exportfilter-,Processing- and other plugins) and of course those i’m used to work with for along time.

Mainly you find export plugins which expand the abillity of Lightroom to upload images directly to different platforms, mainly social media like  Flickr,FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. But also exportfilter plugins are very useful, for example the long used Mogrify plugin to apply watermarks to the exported images and not to forget the Metadata-Wrangler which allows a precise about the metadata to leave in the image or to delete. But those plugins, especially if you use not only one will prolong the export process of the selected image.

Last week review 40-2018A couple of days ago i occured a NFZ a no fly zone while trying to fly with my drone. I planned to make a picture of Tivoli stadium from a higher point of view. I’m no soccer fan at all but the architecture of the buildung is pretty impressive. On the other side of the street a large furniture market has its parking area and of course this area was empty because it was sunday. So i made the drone ready for takeoff and shortly after GPS signals were available the big letters “NFZ” were on the remote control. Since i was pretty sure doing nothing illegal i checked with the app  Airmap . There i saw what was wrong. My location was right near a “Bundesstraße” where i had to stay away at least 100m. But the other hints because of the jail, the highway and in addition a railway were absolutely wrong because i stayed away from these locations at least 1km. But anyway i quit my plan 🙁

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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