Further AI tools for Luminar 4 announced

For the upcoming Luminar 4 version skylum does a lot of advertisement. Now skylum announced further AI based tool for Luminar 4.

Further AI tools for Luminar 4 announcedSkylum did set a point with the announcement of the AI based Sky Replacement tool mainly for landscape photographers. Now the company announced the new Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer tools for Luminar 4.

The examples in the video published by skylum look pretty good so far.

In contrast to tools like Photolemur Luminar 4 uses AI to identify the different areas of an image and automatically mask them, but the control is kept by the user. You can in-/decrease the effects as you like.

Further AI tools for Luminar 4 announcedI’m not a portrait photographer so i’m more interested in the AI Sky Replacement or the AI Structure tool. If those tools work to emphasize certain areas of a picture like the sky area and don’t affect  a person in the picture then Luminar 4 has the potential to become a very useful tool for all photographers.

The Roadmap was changed too. This roadmap states that there will be an update for Luminar 3 in the near future. With this update you’ll get at least the opportunity to add keywords in certain IPTC fields and search for them. I think that this update will be free of charge, because its an update while Luminar 4 with a lot of new feature is a paid upgrade.

Nice to see that that Luminar 4 can be used as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop and certain  other programs. Older plans told that the plugin feature was deprecated.

Reading this its totally ok for me that the DAM aprt of the software is not the main priority. So meanwhile the focus is to offer the photographer easy to handle tools for editing images.

Operated as a plugin Luminar 4 could become a fast and easy to handle tool for editing images where with one mouseklick you’ll get at least a good base processing for further editing.

Until the final relase date Luminar 4 or in combination with Luminar 3 can be preordered at a reduced price.

ciao tuxoche

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