Last week review 30-2019

Last week review 30-2019 and we experience a heatwave all arround which isn’t good for us and the plants too  🙁

Last week review 30-2019This week i took a closer look on Zoner X, a new major version to Zoner 18 which includes  2 major changes. First of all the company introduced a subscription modell for their modell, which is compared to Adobe’s Lightroom/Photoshop CC combination low-cost with 39,– €/per year. And secondly Zoner X implemented layers in Zoner X buth they arent’t compatible with Photoshop if the results are stored in a file.

Basically i don’t have anything against a subscription model  but with the promise to implement new functions this leads to updates which contain marginal new functions only. just to keep the promise. This effect you can see on  the last updates of Lightroom.

Last week review 30-2019With the subscription model i have to crititsize that Zoner X doesn’t support cameras which are on the market for 1 1/2 years like my Lumix G81. The company points out to Adobe’s DNG converter which isn’t acceptable too me, because converting your images to DNG at first costs time in your workflow and requires CPU power.


Its a matter personal judgement if you can live with these limitations and if you need no compatibility to Photoshop CC in your files containing layers Zoner X is a pretty image processing app, where you won’T miss any function and even tools for merging HDR and panorama images are implemented.

Last week review 30-2019As stated in the last week review there was the every month Microsoft patchday. Obviously there were some problems with this update on older Windows 10 versions and maybe not only on theses versions. Any way Microsoft published another update which should solve the problems. This update mainly contains error corrections for the Windows media player. But so far i got one update only and didn’t occur any problems so far.

But anyway this was an interesting but too hot week, I we trust the weather forecast the next week will be very hot too.  I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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