Last week review 30-2017

Last week review 30-2017 and this week we got a lot of rain, but it wasn’t that bad in my area  😉

Last week review 30-2017This week we issued first experiences and additional euqipment for the  DJI Mavic Pro. As a most useful accessory i’ll mentioned the extension legs for the drone, which give the device more ground clearance enableing to start the drone on a grass surface.

Pretty important are neutral density filters to avoid very short shutter speed on video capturing in order to get get smooth motion sequences. I got a set of filters from PolarPro, which are easy to clip on. Besides a special transport case i also bought a third battery for the drone.

But i had to modify image processing of the DNG files even with the process version 2012Last week review 30-2017. Usually i open up the shadows and bring down the highlights but because of the small sensor opening up the shadows will get you into noise very fast. So this has to be done carefully.

Last week review 30-2017The DJI Go App is not as stable as i would expect this for an app controlling an flying object 😉 The app crashes during flight operation and recording way-points does not work at all with the most recent version, so maybe i’ll get myself the alternativeLitchi app.

As reported earlier Last week review 30-2017i changed the server software because of update problems from ownCloud to NextCloud. This week i did the update to the software version 11.0.2 which worked out without any problems in the browser at least for the server software. But this update got me into 2 problems.

First of all the app featuring the 2-factor authentification seems not to be up-to-date and i’m not able to activate this app in the administration dashboard after i did the update on the server software. This certainly is a step backwards.

Last week review 30-2017I registered the same problem with the app  ownNote. Because of this problem i wasn’t able to access my notes but i could recover them mnaually from the database. But now the app ownNote i used so far doens’t work any more. As a substitue i installed NextCloud Notes but compared to the ownNote app it is very limited. In the ownNote app i could define categories and URL saved in the notes could be opened in any browser. The new app doesn’t have any categories and is very basic, but even worse they charge 2,99 € for this app.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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