Last week review 5-2017

Last week review 5-2017 and after a pretty cold start into the week now it is noticeable warmer, almost like spring 😉

Last week review 5-2017Maybe at first about this page. On wednesday i recieved an email from my hosting provider that because of a hardware defect this page wasn’t available for visitors. Short time before that i recieved funny error message when checking email accounts, like the password on the server was changed and so on. A hardware damage is annoying but it happens. But postive i was informed by an email and after a little bit over 4 hrs. thsi domain was reachable again.

Last week review 5-2017In this weeks blog post i tried to answer the question, if JPEG file format is an alternative for capturing your images. Basically i’m a fan of the RAW file format, because this format has a lot more potential in image processing. But this potential is a disadvantage at the same time, because using RAW you’re forced to do image processing. JPEG files have a lot of pros on their side, the files are a lot smaller and you’re able to share these files lets say from your vacation right away to social media like  FaceBook or Twitter.

Since most of the DSLR and systemcameras offer a setting to store the images in both formats at the same time, you should make use of this option. Last week review 5-2017especially on a vacation trip you’ll get a ready to use result, and to make the most out of your images, you still have the RAW file with its image processing potetnial.

If you want to stick with RAW files and still want to share some of your images, while you’re on the way, there is Lightroom Mobile. The latest version 2.21 is able to download the RAW files selectively from your camera and process and share the files in JPEG format. Even of a very good quality of the JPEG OOC files, as a RAW enthusiast you still got this option.

Last week review 5-2017Adobe caused a lot of discussions and rumors after stateing on the official product page for the Creative Suite CS6, that creative apps will be available in the cloud version only which means subscription model. I own this version CS6 too, mainly because it includes Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I don’t use the included Photoshop version anymore, because i switched to subscription combination of Lightorom and Phtoshop CC. Now there is a question about Adobe releasing a Lightroom version 7. as a buyable version. Or is there a decision to expand the subscription model and release Lightroom as a version CC2017 only? Speculative but i tend to there will be no buyable version of Lightroom.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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