New features in Lightroom CC

There are rumors about a new function to be included in a next update for Lightroom CC.

New features in Lightroom CCEven though  Lightroom 6/CC was just [post id=958]released[/post] , there are rumors about new functions. But to be correct the rumors are about new functions to be included in the Lightroom CC version and not in the Lightroom 6 version, the latest version you could buy.

This is foreseeable development, starting more than a year ago when Adobe released the Creative Cloud. From this point on a couple of updates for Photoshop or the Raw-Converter (ACR) added new [post id=306]functions[/post] to Photoshop CC while the last standalone version Phtoshop CS6 only got updates for new cameras and/or lenses.

Leaving out the mobile apps for Lightroom CC there were no differences between the cloud and the standalone version of Lightroom. Updating to Lightroom 6 i got a 30-day trial for the mobile app, but i didn’t expect too much from the mobile version from Lightroom . And doing image processing on a 7-inch tablet is really fun (at least Adobe could add a function to apply keywords to your images)

Now there are rumors about a new function to be implemented in Lightroom CC only, and not being availabe in Lightroom 6. The function is called “Dehaze” and there is a video available:

I don’t want to judge this “Sneak-Preview” (because it is the consequent development towards the subscription modell for Lightroom), but now we reached a point, if we take the development of Photoshop CC that there is a great possibility there will be no standalone version for Lightroom anymore.

This bothers me but looking at this development from Adobe pont of view is makes sense to develop the Cloud version of Lightroom (and we must state that the combination of Lightroom/Photshop is almost perfect combination for image processing). If you’re using this combination quite often, the price of the subscription price of 12 € is not too much.

And i think the mobile apps will go through a further development so switching to the Creative Cloud should be done. If you consider programs like  Photoline as a substitution for Photoshop you have to decide by yourself. But you need a DAM software to replace Lightroom. I reported on 2 programs in this category:

  • [post id=576]Daminion[/ppst]
  • [post id=553]IMatch[/post]

What do you think about the Creative Cloud development? Is it an alternative for you or are you deciding a software change? Place a comment or questions if you like. I’m looking forward to your comments and questions.

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