Last week review 10/2015

Last week review 10/2015 and the weather forecast promises beautiful weather for the weekend.

Last week review 10/2015This week we took a look on handling on the [post id=813]Lumix g6[/post] after a 2 month experience. The cam including the lenses i bought meanwhile wieghs only a fraction amount compared the Canon equipment. This is ideal for travelling with airplane , beacuse i got  little bit in trouble with a fully packed Kata N3-30 backpack trying to take it with me as cabin baggage.

Of course a mFT camera doesn’t have the reserves like a full format cam, but the differences in size are quite impressive.

Another advantage is the display with the touch handling, even though its not that good visible in bright sunlight, but you have an viewfinder, so such a situation is no problem. The rotatable display is also a good substitution for an angel finder.

Connection the little Lumix to a tablet or a smartphone via NFC comes in very handy for generell tether purposes or uploading an image to a social media. Considering all the experiences i made so far the little Lumix is the right thing for me when it comes to a small equipment. The compromise in image qualitiy compared to a full format camera is not as big as expected.

Last week review 10/2015And of there were new rumors this week on the upcoming Lightroom 6 version telling us, that the new version will be published on march 20th (but that only are rumors..)

Adobe doesn’t publish anything so far, and its sort of curious that on the english product page new features of Lightroom 6 are mentioned. On the german product page only Lightroom 5 exists.

The little videos on the new features vanished from the english page.

Last week review 10/2015

And finally i ordered a little bit of equipment 😉 first of all a Holux M-241 GPS tracker,  because my old one died suddenly and i had log the tracks with a [post id=838]smartphone[/post] , which worked out very good. I’ll report on the Holux in a later article, but i’m pretty sure not to occur any problems.

Secondly i ordered a webcam for skyping but also for  my screencasts. I hope that the access statitcs won’t decrease 😉

I hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions. And don’t forget, i installed a feed for you via feedburner . And next week we’ll take a look on a fun lens.

ciao tuxoche

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