RAWThearapee an alternate raw converter

The top dog Lightroom has 2 main disadvantages for theier users, it’s not free of charge and you have to import your images before even looking at your images. This is where RAWTherapee might be an alternative, at laest talking about raw conversion.


RAWTherapee is free of charge and can be downloaded in a Windows or MAX OSX version, but it’s only a raw converter, there a no functions for keywording your images.

First impression

The program interface appears very straight and there is no function missing. A very documentation is also available.

But take a look at the screencast video:

RAWTherapee is not the fastest raw converter, but speed is not that important converting your images to Tiff or JPEG, because the is more time needed to develop the images..

RAWTherapee save a development history in a sidecar file ending with pp3 in the same folder as the original image. This is perfect for backup purposes, because backing up your image folder(s) and everything is set.

If you already have an XMP sidecar file, XMP will not chnage this file if it is setup in the preferences.

Maybe some of you will love a feature in RATherapee, it can executed and controlled via command line parameters. This offers the opportunity to execute RAWTherapee from with a script file.


I did a couple of conversions with RAWTherapee, evene a sequence for a timelapse video. Quality is fine and working with the tool is easy, if you’re not used another program.

Just comapring the raw converter part, RAWTherapee is almost up to Lightroom, if you’re not concerning speed converting your raw images.

Are you using RAWTherapee or another free or open source raw converter? I am waiting for your comments and/or suggestions.

ciao tuxoche

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