Last week review 04-2024

Weekly review 04-2024 and this week it was again warm and sometimes very stormy 😉

Last week review 04-2024

This week I took up the topic of backups again, especially in connection with Lightroom, and described how I work here. In contrast to backing up photos and videos on vacation, this is about the processes involved when you come home from a trip, for example, and import your photos into Lightroom. The processes are of course to a certain extent the same or only take place with a time delay, as a backup on vacation can only take place with external drives.

My workflow of importing with simultaneous storage of a backup copy on a server and subsequent backup before the actual processing ensures that 3 copies of the images and video clips are available at the earliest possible time. This should help prevent some eventualities.

The images are then processed and of course both the catalog and the images are backed up, although nothing changes in the latter.

Last week review 04-2024

Last week review 04-2024In the last few days, NVidia and other manufacturers have introduced the Super cards of the 40 series. These include the 4070 Super as well as the 4070TI Super.

The regular cards without the Super suffix in the name have been or will be slightly reduced in price, while the Super cards will be based on the RRP for the time being. In my opinion, only the difference between the 4070 TI and the 4070 TI Spuer will be significant, as the latter has 4GB more VRAM with 16GB and, perhaps more importantly, is connected to the memory with 256 bits instead of 192 bits. However, with the 4070 TI Super we are also talking about graphics cards with a price of approx. 900,– € upwards.

I am looking for a new PC, mainly for photo but especially video editing, with DaVinci Resolve and had already landed on the RTX 4070. But another €300 more for a 4070 TI Super, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

And remember, tomorrow you can still try out Luminar NEO AI extensions for free or even better order Luminar NEO with a corresponding discount.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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