JPEGMini anything better than

Some while ago i posted my opinion about tools like  in the article  [post id=534]Reducing JPEG image size[/post].


I upload my photos to my website Website, Google+ or flickr in JPEG format, which are exported from the raw originals via Lightroom, setting the output quality to 65 and maximum width of the image to 2000px because of the experiences i  gained thru this article.

I concluded the article that you don’t need such tools, if you own Lightroom or some other image processing software. But even without such software you can reach about the same results using Irfanview or Faststone Image Viewer .

The challenge

In a comment to my article [post id=534]Reducing JPEG image size[/post] a user JPEGMini wrote i just should try JPEMini.

I did not try  JPEGMini back then, because only a trial version was available, but the program itsself has to be licensed. In the mean time there is a webservice available just like . Therefore i tried  JPEGMini .

The starting point

JPEGMini anything better than

I took this picture above to try out JPEGMini . On the JPEGMini website you can read that pictures with 8 MP and more the reduction in size should be anywhere between 70-80 %, which is a lot.

The comparism

I exported the above sample picture with Lightroom and qualitiy settings of 100%,90%,75%,50% and 30% and dropped the results to JPEGMini.


The table documents that the statement of JPEGMini considering the reduction size of the images is exaggerated.

And the results stitched together with Photoshop looks like this:

JPEGMini anything better than
Click to view larger size


In my opnion JPEGMini is as needless as, if you have something like Lightroom or Irfanview. Asking a license fee (19.99$) for such a tool is sort of brave. By the way taken the above picture exported with 100% setting and reducing its qualitiy with irfanview to 50% will result in a reduction of size from 23.673kb to 3.663kb (and this means a reduction of 85% 😉

What do think about such tools, are they worth it or do you use Lightroom or the mentioned freeware tools like Irfanview. Just drop me your comments and of course questions if you like.

ciao tuxoche


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