Last Week review 34/2014

Last week review 34/2014 in the mid of August, but regarding the tempaeratures it feels like autumn 😉 so maybe we’ll need a summer update

Last Week review 34/2014In the article [post id= 2727]Reducing JPEG image size[/post] i took a look on tools like or JPEGMini. You always find article stating the qualitiy of theses tools and the reachable reduction of image size. Some articles post an reduction of image size of 50% and more. is realized as a webservice which is pretty easy to halde. You upload your image and after a short while you can download the reduced size image. The problem is, uploading an image exported via Lightroom with a setting of 50% in JPEG the reduction in image size with this tool is almost not worth mentioning. If you Lightroom or Photoshop, or you download Irfanview or FastStone Image viewer, which are free of charge you can reduce the image size of your JPEG images without using a webservice. And Irfanview or the Faststone Image Viewer can convert a bunch of pictures in batch mode.

Looking at this article there shoul be Android 4.4 available for my Samsung smartphone. But even there was a software upgrade this morning, the Android version still is 4.3.I tried a manuall update, but the system says that there is no update. A little bit weird, so i’ll have look later on for that one.

I hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions. And don’t forget, i installaed a feed for you via feedburner. So have i nice weekend, til the next time

ciao tuxoche

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