Last week review 23-2024

Weekly review 23-2024 and it’s getting warmer, but in the south we are still struggling with floods on different rivers 🙁

Last week review 23-2024

This week it was about the Arzorpa 15.6 inch portable monitor, which I bought for various purposes. The monitor is just under 100,– € and so you can’t expect too much, but I am quite satisfied with the brightness and resolution of 1920×1080. And it is more than sufficient to use the monitor, e.g. in conjunction with an iPad or a Rapsberry Pi, or, if necessary, at the firewall, which is normally operated without a monitor.

A nice feature is the USB-C port, with which the video signal is transmitted at the same time, but at the same time a connected device, e.g. the iPad is supplied with power. In addition, there is also another USB-C connection for power supply, a Mini HDMI connection.

Of course, there are color differences in comparison to a Dell U2722, for example, but the monitor is also not intended for the area of photo or video editing.

Last week review 23-2024


Last week review 23-2024

Then there was also photo news this week. Sigma has released a zoom with impressive data. It is the Sigma 28-45/f 1.8 which is available for E- and L-mount. The lens is of course already impressive in terms of light intensity for a zoom and available for a price of just under €1,500.

With a weight of 960 gr, i.e. almost one kilo, it will of course also demand the photographer. On the other hand, it promises the highest resolution even with open aperture and then you would be very flexible in the photo and especially in the video area with such a lens.

Last week review 23-2024

Secondly, Panasonic has now released the Lumix GH7 after the recently released Lumix S9. The successor of the GH6 essentially comes with features in the video area, while the photo functions are not or hardly different from those of the Lumix G9 II.

In addition to features such as Opengate and resolutions up to 5.7 K, the camera can record ProRes RAW directly internally. In addition, the camera can handle 120 frames/second in 4K and up to 300 frames/sec. in FullHD. These are already very decent values. And like the S5 II, it can now also be recorded directly on SSD. On top, with the new audio adapter, there is also the option to record 32-bit audio internally either via XLR or also via 3.5mm jack connection. Of course, all this has its price and Panasonic calls for just under €2,200 for the camera, but that was also the case at the time with the new launch of the GH6.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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