Last week review 35-2023

Weekly review 35-2023 and this week it was summery hot again. This year it really goes up and down.

Last week review 35-2023

This week it was all about the security of your own data in the cloud. If you don’t host your own cloud, sensitive data should simply be encrypted. This is the only way to ensure confidentiality when the keys are in our own hands.

I have been using VeraCrypt for several years now, which creates an encrypted container where you can store your data via a virtual drive. The size of the container must be well planned or estimated, because it cannot be changed. In addition, a cloud solution always uploads the complete container to the cloud.

Cryptomator also works with a virtual drive, but here the vault is created in a directory and the size does not have to be determined in advance. In addition, Cryptomator encrypts the individual files. This, of course, makes synchronization with the cloud a bit easier. Even if individual files are encrypted and you can still see them, the file/directory name is also encrypted, so that no conclusions about the content should be possible here.

Last week review 35-2023

In comparison, Cryptomator has the edge here, as there are also apps for Android and OS. However, you have to pay for these if you also want to store encrypted files on the mobile device.

Last week review 35-2023

Then AVM distributed an update for many models of its Fritzboxes that probably closes a security hole that is already actively exploited. Apparently, it is about the access via port 443 to the router. AVM probably do not comment publicly at the moment, perhaps to keep the damage as low as possible.

Then since Thursday emergency patches for Apple’s Ipad,iPhone and also MacBooks are available. iPad and iPhone I have already done, what is still missing is the MacBook.

All in all another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

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