7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 Plus

With the FeelWord F6+ I already explained how useful an external monitor can be, not only for video recording.


7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 PlusAdmittedly, the FeelWorld F6+ was used 90% for video recordings, especially for my Youtube channel. But also for photography, e.g. macro photography, an external monitor makes the work easier.

But I now have the Blackmagic Videoassist as an external monitor and of course also as a recorder, which has replaced my Feelworld F6+. The BlackmAgic is of course also much brighter, and that of course comes in handy when shooting outdoors.

Nevertheless, I then bought the FeelWorld T7 Plus especially for occasions where no recorder is required.

I have recorded a short video about this:


The Feelworld T7 Plus is about as bright as the FeelWorld F6+, making it harder to see anything in very bright light, despite the included sunshade.

7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 Plus

It is still possible when the sky is still overcast. The Feelworld T7 Plus is a simple monitor without touch controls.

7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 Plus

7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 PlusFunction keys for the menu and movements in the menus are located on the upper side. Sure, a touch display is perhaps faster, but when I think how often I have changed something on the monitor. That was for my Youtube recordings maybe once the focus assist and also false colors to better assess the exposure.

By the way, these are all settings that the T7 Plus offers as a matter of course.

However, you can also see two function keys at the top that can be freely assigned. Accordingly, I put False Color on one and display all curves on the other function key and don’t miss anything. Perhaps a third F-key would be desirable, but you can manage very well with it.

7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 Plus

On the left side you have the connections for HDMI-IN and Out, the connection for a power supply that has to be purchased separately and the headphone connection.

7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 PlusOn the back is the plate for the batteries. Here, of course, the widely used NP-F batteries are used. However, it is also possible to buy a different plate and then use Canon LP-E6, for example.

There is also a USB port at the bottom. With the included cable you can either update the firmware or install up to 32 of your own LUT’s on the monitor.

7 inch external monitor FeelWorld T7 Plus

I haven’t made use of this yet, because my Lumix S5 uses a LUT for support when recording in the VLOG profile. Such a LUT is also already present in the monitor.


With the Feelworld T7 Plus you get at a price of just under 160, – € a / inch device that basically offers all the necessary functions. Who would like to have it substantially more brightly and/or more comfortably must take for a Touch monitor with appropriate brightness then far over 200, – € into the hand.

For my purpose, the T7 Plus is more than sufficient in any case. What do you think about the T7 Plus or which monitor do you use?

ciao tuxoche

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