Last week review 06-2023

Weekly review 06-2023 on a beautiful and especially sunny week, even if it was freezing cold in the morning 😉

Last week review 06-2023

This week was all about finishing my 10GBit network project. After the cards from Asus proved to be a failure, I tried cards from GTek, which are equipped with an Intel chip. While Openmedaivault recognized this network card directly, I had to download and install the driver for Windows first.

I decided to use a card with SfP+ connection, because I only plan a peer-to-peer connection to my server at the moment. For this I got a DAC cable and the connection went absolutely smoothly.

Last week review 06-2023Here I reached transfer rates of over 1200 MB/s right away , even though I was aware that this was a transfer rate to the RAM of the server.

The problem with such transfer rates is that they are not reached by hard disks and even a SATA SSD would not achieve such rates. Therefore I had to use some kind of caching, which I did in my case with bcache. This cache, which is located on a 1 TB NVMe, is mainly used for reading.

If you then take file sizes for copying that are larger than the installed RAM, the rates sometimes drop drastically, although I have reached values of 600-800 MB/s writing even with larger test files. I am satisfied with this result.

Last week review 06-2023DxO has released an update of the Photolab software to version 6.3 this week. This is supposed to be better at soft proofing in particular and make reloading/installing optical modules much easier. DxO Photolab is available for Mac and Windows. There is also an Essentila and an Elite version. The latter costs over €200 and only includes the DeepPrime denoising tool, which is not included in the Essential version.

For owners of version 6 the update is of course free.

Last week review 06-2023Then with a European SNS server took up its service. This should offer more data protection and be DSVGO compliant. There is also a version for children and young people, which filters out content such as violence or pronography.

There is also a hardened version of the DNS server, which also filters out domains that have been registered for less than 30 days.

Might be an interesting project. Maybe I will just run one of my devices through this service.

All in all another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche



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