Last week review 08-2022

Weekly review 08-2022 and the weather is typical for February very mixed, almost spring and then again very wet and cold 😉

Last week review 08-2022This week it was once again about Luminar Neo, namely the final version, which was released on 17.02.2022. Here it was about the similarities with Luminar AI, although Skylum says that Luminar NEO has a completely new engine, which supports AI much faster and better.

Still, for the end user, there was virtually no difference between the two programs, except for the new features of “re-exposure” and removal of dust and especially Last week review 08-2022electrical wires.  While re-exposure can get more out of a photo depending on the subject, there is still
there is still considerable room for improvement when it comes to removing power lines.  For this, such important things as correcting plunging lines are missing, and the histogram was left out altogether. Perhaps Skylum should have set other priorities or focal points. The same applies to the smartphone app Luminar Share.

Nevertheless, Luminar NEO remains a program with which quite good results can be achieved in a few steps for certain effects. Here I would only like to remind you of the Sky Enhance or the green enhancements for landscape shots. And I stick to my recommendation to use Luminar NEO as a plugin for Lightroom or Photoshop. And because of the money-back guarantee, you don’t take any risk when ordering. And there will certainly be updates.

Last week review 08-2022And yes there it was. On Tuesday Panasonic presented its new flagship, the Lumix GH6. And I have to admit, the technical data, especially in the video area are already impressive. I would also have expected a higher price for the housing here. Certainly, just under 2,200, – € for an mFT housing is not without, but for 5.7 KK video even in ProRes format directly on the memory card are really good. Above all, they set the camera apart from the GH5 II.

But there is also a new sensor with 25 MPix, which finally resolves the limit of 20 MPix that has been in place for years. The only question that remains now is how the sensor will really perform in the photo area (noise,dynamic range, etc.).

All in all, another very eventful few weeks. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

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