Last week review 28-2021

Weekly review 28-2021 and this week fell a lot of rain, in any case here in the West. Thus, nature is recovering but the rains have unfortunately also led to flooding with many dead and missing.

Last week review 28-2021This week was about the HiRes resolution, which some cameras offer, but also the so-called Superresolution, which can now be found with the June update also in Lightroom Classic.

Some time ago I had presented a method to calculate several images slightly shifted against each other to a higher resolution in Photoshop. However, the results were not as sharp as one would have expected or wished.

Last week review 28-2021


In addition to the HiRes processes in some cameras, Photoshop CC as well as Lightroom Classic are now able to upscale a file with the 4 pixel count from any RAW.

As a result, high resolution is a bit sharper with Photoshop CC/Lightroom Classic.

Last week review 28-2021Then of course we have Patchday again, both Microsoft and Adobe are patching programs with potential security vulnerabilities. Seeing the list of attack scenarios everyone should update immediately. Especially if Microsoft already decides to deliver a patch outside of the series because of the PrintNightMare gap.

A very special treat is provided by Western digital. Their cloud hard drives are not protected against ransomware and other malicious code. Now WD offers an exchange program. However, the exchange only works as a discount on new devices and affected customers have to send affected hard drives to WD first. Even though the devices are older, a more customer-friendly solution could have been found.

All in all, again very eventful weeks. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments. And apart from that, the situation is slowly getting better and more and more facilities are opening. And I am happy because I have the 2nd vaccination since last week. Despite the personal joy, the consternation about the immense flood disaster remains.

ciao tuxoche

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