Falcon Eye SO28TD LED video light

Video lights in differents variations were topic a couple of times in this blog and the  Falcon Eye SO 28TD is no exception.


Falcon Eye SO28TD LED video light

Capturing videos indoors a good lighting is as important like a good audio from an external microphone. Personally i use for my Youtube videos 2 Godox SL60W one with a 90cm softbox installed. The other one is used with a 100cm white umbrella.

Even though the  the Godox delivers a pretty bright light but in combination with the softbox there is one major disadvantage. The light including the softbox needs a lot of room.

And here a video light like the  Falcon Eye SO28TD comes in very hnady, because the light design is very flat. This will reduce the needed space significantly and the light has a built-in softbox.

I did a small video showing the usage of the Falcon Eye SO28TD.

Configurations and versions

The FalconEyes SO 28TD has a light emitting area of 30cm in diameter and delivers 28W output. The light is delivered with a bag and a power supply. The video light also can be operated with Sony NPF compatible batteries. This makes the light more flexible but with an output of 28W it is of coruse not as bright as the Godox SL60W.

In addition the FalconEyes is a video light where ou can adjust the color temperature in a range of  3.000-5.600° K . This will reduce the maximum brightness depending on the color temperature.

Falcon Eye SO28TD LED video light

Besides the  SO28 TD which with a price tag of arround  160,– € is not pricier compared to a Godox SL60W, there are 2 other versiona of this light. There is a  SO40 and a SO68 with a higher light poutput and a larger diameter of  40 or 68cm. But then of course the price will go up to  320,– or even 490 ,– € for the largest size.

As you might recognize on the above display, there is a channel option. So i guess there is some remote control option for the light but as delivered there is no remote control in the box.


Falcon Eye SO28TD LED video lightThe smallest version i got is sufficient for smaller head capture or to illuminate smaller objects with a wonbderful soft light. Of course one of the bigger lights would be better, but then you have to pay more. Considering the space this type of light needs because of the very flat design the FalconEyes is the ideal light for situations where you have to provide soft light in a narrow space.

The option to use rechargable batteries makes the light even more flexible and mobile. Ând the variable color temperature allows the use of this light in different lightning conditions.


The Falcon Eye SO 28 TD is a very good and mainly a very flexible vidoe light. Depending on the situation the light can be suded as the only light on set and delivers very soft light. This design is more expensive than regular video lights like the Godox or LED panels from Neewer.

ciao tuxoche


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