3 years online

Towards the end of the year this blog is online for three years, a suitable opportunity for a view back.

3 years online The blog is filled with articles during my free time developed very good so far. Meanwhile there is almost a fexed rythmn of posting once a week on thursdays  and the last week review on sundays. The later will mention newer events, if i don’t decide to dedicate a seperate article.

I did this quite often in the last couple of months, because there were a lot of events, software releases and so on worth an own post. But keep in mind i write posts for this blog in my spare time, so i can’t garantue to be just in time with an article.

3 years online But meanwhile there are over 350 posts in this blog dealing with different topics.  The main topcs of this blog are:

  • Image processing with Lightroom or Photoshop
  • Other raw converters and plugins
  • panorama photography including the needed tools
  • Stacking/Timelapse and tools
  • Computing topcs in generell

Looking at the access statistic these are the most wanted articles:

  1. DSLRDashBoard and Windows
  2. Comparism 10-18 vs. 17-40
  3. Zoner Photo Studio
  4. Acer Aspire V5-573G
  5. Yongnuo YN-14 Macro flash
  6. After Shot Pro 3
  7. DSLRDashBoad new app
  8. LR/Enfuse for stacking
  9. LR/Enfuse plugin for Lightroom
  10. qDSLRDashBoard and Window

Meanwhile there a lot of screencasts published with the articles, because its a lot easier to describe a workflow with a video rather than dropping a whole bunch of screenshots into the article. They are published on my Youtube channel. Even though its more work to produce a video, i like it.

3 years online And i’m always happy about your comments and suggestions or questions and the people reading my RSS feed regular. And of course one form of feedback is critique 😉

I advertise my blog entries for a longer time on  Google+ and twitter, and meanwhile  facebook are working out good, while tsu closed this year.

I really hope that my readers stay tuned and i want to thank you for your interest over the last year.

ciao tuxoche


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