Last week review 06-2016

Post update on 14.Aug.2016

Last week review 06-2016 and the weather is very mixed, sometime very cold and wet and then even colder but sunny. Personally i would prefer winter not coming back.

Last week review 06-2016
Semper Oper

As promised we  we took a closer look on the improvements in Lightroom 6.4 or CC2015.4 after i already reported on the new version after the release. To foreclose it, there is not much new and there is no buzz about the new version. The new function Boundary Warp for stitching panoramas i don’t along with. And talking about the panorama function according to Adobe stitching time should have been cut into half,. But the results are sort of frsutating, because the preview, which is available in a very short time, doens’t match the final result. Since version Lightroom 6.2 the panorama function has severe problems to stitch an image correctly besides the problem with the tripod.

And i couldn’t state a faster update of the thumbnails after inserting development settings to a lot of images. I did a video on this comparing Lightroom 6.3 and 6.4 but you probably won’t see a remakrable speed up. In my opinion you don’T need the update but for the new support of newer cameras and new lens profiles included in the new version.

Last week review 06-2016In the article “problems with Android apps” i tried to illustrate problems with Android 5 which are cuases mostly by the apss and not Android 5. Mainly there is some sort of sloppiness concerning the orientation of a tablet either in portrait or landscape format. Some apps don’t respect the orientation at all meaning lanscape format is not available, which is an error on a tablet. Some apps have certain windows switching from landscape to portrait format, which is annoying. It seems in most cases development is done for smartphones and then the apps are available for a tablet.

And there is another problem accessing the external SD memory card. I’m not sure if that is problem caused by Google after restricting the rights to access a SD card in Android Kitkat or if the problem is caused by older apps which down obey the new permissions. But anyway you can do a lot with a Android tablet or smartphone  and especially a good tablet can sort of substitute a notebook.  I’m sharing images stored in my dropbox more often from my tablet to FaceBook, Google+, TSU or Twitter. I just hope it’s getting better with Android, but Samsung doesn’T provide any updates so far 🙁

Last week review 06-2016This week there was a bigger update on Windows bringing your Windows 10 to version 1511. The corrections and improvements are not listed in detail on  Windows 10 upgrade page.

Last week review 06-2016If you’re using Google picassa there are bad news and changes announced. Google is going to discontinue picassa in order to enforce Google photos. I’m using Google fotos for a while now, basically for sharing with Google+ and the communities. The questions is will there be some sort of interface because i’m using a plugin to upload images to Google fotos.

An eventful week and i  hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions.

ciao tuxoche



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