Perfect Effects Premium 9 for free

At the beginning of the year i reported on the freely available software  [post id=161]Prefect Effects 8[/post] . Now the Version 9 is available for free

Perfect Effects Premium 9 for freeAn email from on1 informed me, that version 9 of Perfet Effects Premium is availbale for free. On this website you have to register and get the license key and download the approx. 270 MB executable.

After registration you’ll get emails with the newest prgramms like the up-to-date version 10, but nobody will prevent you entering an email which is seldomly used.

The installation works out without any problems, you can even choose if you would like to keep an installed version 8 or really update to version 9. I choosed the later one and installed the software for a try on my [post id=69]notebook[/post].

Perfect Effects Premium 9 for freeThe installation recognizes Lightroom and Photoshop CS 6 being installed on my notebook and installs the appropriate plugins, so you can call Perfect Effects from either Lightroom or Photoshop. I still don’t have Photshop Creative Cloud because i have a Creative Suite CS6 and i’m still happy with this software.

After installation you can just mark an image and either call Perfect Effects from the export dialog or from the menue “file” on the first execution you’ll have to enter the license key and activate the software. 

Perfect Effects Premium 9 for free

Just playing arround with teh sotware after the installation i recognize a gain in speed compared to version 8, the gain is nothing you’ll “wow” but you recognize it without a stop watch.

The processed image is saved depend on preferences in 16-Bit format and reimported into the Lightroom catalog. Apparently there is a new function to save an image as a smart-object for Photoshop CS6 and higher.

I can state that the software did make a progress and is very nice to use for image effects like high contrast or monochrome. The main advantage is just play arroud with the effects finding one filter or effect fitting your image best. You don’t have any risk since the software is offered free of charge right now.

What do you think about Perfect Effects? To me such a software makes sense and the give away even though its not the up-to-date version, you as a user can try it out. Just leave me your comments and/or your questions.

ciao tuxoche



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